Work Methodology

The Unit's methodologies in following up and supporting the achievement of Oman Vision 2040

  • Support Mechanism to activate the 5 methodologies:

  • - Providing logistical support for national priorities and programs
  • - Allocating special budget for national programs
  • - Providing the required manpower to enable national programs and initiatives
  • - Providing the required support from the communication and media, and financial and administrative affairs’ teams within the ministries concerned with the national programs
  1. 1- Future Forecast Methodology

    A stream to follow up the updates and developments on the local and global arena, reflect their effect on the Vision priorities and provide appropriate recommendations in order to develop clear initiatives and plans to take advantage of opportunities and avoid expected risks.

  2. 2- Improving Vision’s indicators methodology

    A stream to ensure accurate follow-up of the complex indicators of the Vision, especially the international indicators that have a high impact on the competitiveness of the Sultanate of Oman, and develop plans to improve these indicators by studying the gaps and following up on the methods of their improvement.

  3. 3- Main methodology (assessment and follow-up of priorities)

    The general follow-up stream of the priorities and capabilities of the Vision and the periodic diagnosis of each priority in terms of (governance and system - legislation and procedures - competencies - infrastructure, etc.). The aim of this follow up is to identify challenges and develop comprehensive solutions to overcome them and then measure their impact on the Vision indicators.

  4. 4- Intensive Follow-up Methodology (National Programs)

    A stream used to develop intensive national programs to overcome national-level challenges related to the Vision's priority areas. It also includes designing initiatives with detailed plans for each program and following them up to ensure the achievement of the program’s targets as soon as possible.

  5. 5- Rapid Intervention Methodology (under development)

    A stream for rapid intervention when sudden challenges occur on the national level. It quickly studies and analyzes the challenge, then develop a program to address the challenge, initially focusing on quick wins.

The approved framework for developing Oman Vision 2040 programs

Sector Development Platforms

Knowledge Transfer Program Since its establishment in August 2020, the unit designed and held several workshops with government entities responsible for economic sectors. All these workshops were part of a comprehensive program to transfer knowledge and expertise to these entities, as well as sharing the methodologies, initiative development process, target identification steps, KPI development procedures and the follow-up mechanism. In the first phase, these workshops targeted entities responsible for economic sectors, in order to complete economic diversification initiatives and projects.

Platform Platform description Time frame Effort level Outputs Participants
Lab A large-scale platform that aims to bring about a fundamental change in a specific sector 4 - 6 weeks High Integrated programs that include initiatives and projects Stakeholders in the sector
Development Workshop A platform for designing initiatives and projects to enhance the sector’s performance 1 - 2 weeks Average Initiatives and projects Stakeholders in the sector
Clinic A focused platform for solving a specific issue or challenge 1 - 2 days Low Solutions and recommendations Relevant stakeholders of the issue/ challenge
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