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"Vision Offices" Follow up Government Entities to Achieve Oman Vision 2040 Targets

11th October 2022
Since its launch, Oman Vision 2040 identified the main enablers that
constitute the starting point for creating a general climate to achieving it. In
this context, Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit, in
cooperation with relevant entities, is executing the royal directives of His
Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik to establish Oman Vision 2040
Implementation Follow-up Offices in all government entities, to enable and
follow up such entities to carry out its role in achieving the vision targets.

In a declaration for Oman News Agency, HE Dr. Khamis bin Saif Al Jabri,
Chairman of Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit, said that
the direct interest of His Majesty in every step to achieve the vision is a key
catalyst to all sectors and entities, hence, His Majesty’s directives to
establish the offices came to ensure that all entities will carry out their roles
in achieving the vision.

His excellency added that the unit, in cooperation with relevant entities,
organized several meetings and workshops to establish and activate vision
offices in government entities, which will ensure precise follow-up of the
executive plans to achieve the targets of vision indicators, in addition to
managing follow-up mechanisms and addressing challenges.

The unit, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, developed a structure
for vision offices, its roles and responsibilities, the framework of knowledge
sharing and the techniques of establishing programs, developing their
indicators, and following up their implementation, as well as addressing
challenges related to establishing vision offices in government entities.

To date, the unit conducted knowledge sharing workshops for 40 vision offices
out of 59. Moreover, it launched a program to develop capabilities and
qualify the staff of these offices, prepared the environment of government
entities to help activate the role of vision offices, and reached an
agreement on the follow-up and support method for priority programs.

It is worth mentioning that the role of vision offices is mainly to make the
planning departments of the relevant entities more connected to the vision
indicators, targets, and national programs, qualify a working team that can
carry out planning, follow-up and corporate communication tasks in a way
that ensures quality and effectiveness of performance in those entities and
aligns it with the vision priorities, in addition to creating a fast, effective, and
empowered link between the unit and government entities.
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